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Hi Gappie!

Gappie is Dutch slang for 'buddy'. 
Because that's whom you need in case of street harassment. 

'Street harassment is a form of harassment, that consists of unwanted comments, gestures, honking, wolf-whistlings, catcalling, exposure, following, persistent sexual advances, and touching by strangers in public areas such as streets, shopping malls and public transportation.'

Be in contact, extremely fast

With one press on the button, you can contact your gappies simultaneously. Picking up the phone by one of your gappies, will cancel all the other outgoing calls automatically. They will receive a reassuring message.

Select the gappies you wish and add them to your gappie-lists. 

Share your location or route.

Share your live-location or the route you're planning to take. By the time you arrive safe on your destination, your location and route will no longer be visible in the app. 

You can select which gappies may see your live-locaties and route.